Binary Code Converter Generator
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Wrap On Wrap Off Space between bytes.

Enter your text to be obfuscated into binary code or decoded from binary code back into text.

Test by click the "Text to Binary" button and watch this text be converted into binary code.

Then click the "Binary to Text" button and watch the binary code be converted back into text.

Checking "Space between bytes." will separate binary bytes with a space. (e.g. "01100101 00101110 01100111 00101110" )

The "Space between bytes." mode will allow easier decoding since the first bit of each byte can be easily identified.

Decoding must always start with the first bit of a complete byte or erroneous results will display.

Supported characters

WARNING ! For entertainment purposes only! (i.e. Geeky looking text obfuscation.)

Privacy of Data : This tool is built-with and functions-in Client Side Java Scripting, so only your computer will see or process your data input/output.
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